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Who are we and what’s our story?

Since starting out in the drilling industry in 2006 as an offsider Josh Crombie has managed to build a career that has seen him drill throughout Australia.
When the opportunity arose in 2022 to purchase Chief Drilling from well re-known and experienced drill operator Phil Kitson, he jumped at it. Not just because of Chief’s niche rig setup but also so he could learn a few more tricks of the trade from a man who has done it all and has more then a story or two about his life as an owner operator drill contractor with a love for the environment and all things motorcycles. You see as Josh puts it, Drilling is more then just removing core from the ground, it takes skill, knowledge of your rig and its capabilities, understanding of the ground conditions and an ability to meet your clients needs. Chief has been known for its knowledge, quality, environmental and safety standards and ability to meet its clients needs since it first started in the early 2000s and this continues on now with fresh younger blood at the helm.

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Professional Services

High quality, environmentally conscience, drill contracting services delivered by a professional, safety driven team

Drilling Services

If you’re looking for an experienced Drilling Contractor for your next project our services include:


RC Percussion 

Diamond Coring

Directional Drilling

GeoTech Drilling 

Mud Rotary 

Water Bores

Green Forest

Environmental Impacts

Being small sometimes has advantages and in our case it’s what sets our RC 6 Wheeler Landcruiser Bor Mor Rig apart. We say if you can get their in 2WD so can our rig. But don’t confuse small with a lack of power because this little rig has a depth capacity of 150m. The advantage to being small but mighty means our clients have significantly low environmental impacts and in turn can decrease the costs surrounding access to and from site and site pad sizes. This makes it not only good to be green but cheaper too!

Project Locations

Our specialist team of well rounded professionals have worked in a large variety of locations. Our project locations include 

  • New South Wales

  • Central and Far North Queensland 

  • South Australia

  • Victoria

  • Tasmania

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Contact Us

Do you have a project in mind? Get in touch today to ensure you get the job done well.

Orange NSW

0429 585 857

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